Game Improvement Packages


January is a great time to utilise our heated indoor Trackman studios to work on your game ahead of the Summer. Check out the bulk packages our Coaches are offering in January.


Hugh Campbell (Head Coach at Aquarius Golf Club) & Fabio Carminati (Head Coach at Bexleyheath Golf Club)

3 Hours for £170 with a 3 month expiry

4 Hours for £220 with a 4 month expiry

5 Hours for £270 with a 5 month expiry




Mark Curtis (AAT Professional at Bexleyheath Golf Club)

4 Hours for £150 with a 4 month expiry

8 Hours for £280 with a 8 month expiry



Our Trackman Bays


TrackMan 4’s dual radar technology enables the capture of even more data. There are no assumptions. No guesses. The unit’s focused, high-resolution radar beam provides the greatest detail and accuracy on the club and ball at the point of impact and through its flight. The monitor is used by all of the worlds top 100 players as well as frequently being seen each week on the European and PGA Tour.